HTP Powder

A Complete Informative Guide about the 5 HTP Tablets

HTP tablets are the hottest supplements in the market for better mental health. The natural source of 5 HTP is the Griffonia Simplicifolia plant. This supplement is used since ancient times in Africa. 5 HTP has also been proved as a mood enhancer and used in the treatment of depression and anxiety. Let us read in this article why 5 HTP is becoming a popular mental health supplement.

100 mg Tablets

HTP Powder

  • The 5 HTP tablets come in the dosages of 100 mg to 200 mg. They have several benefits in improving your mental health.
  • The tablets are used as a mood regulator because the ingredient of the 5 HTP is part of your body’s mechanism.
  • There are some food sources that contain this compound like turkey, spinach, garlic, fish and edamame.
  • This natural chemical is very important for our body. 5 HTP after crossing the blood brain barrier, and metabolizes into serotonin.
  • Serotonin helps you regulates the messages that are related to mood in the brain. Serotonin releases the feeling of calmness in the brain and elevated our mood.
  • All the anxiety and overwhelming thoughts are stimulated by serotonin. 5 HTP helps the neurotransmitters melatonin and dopamine levels balance in the brain which promotes a healthy mental health. It helps you with a sharper concentration power, motivated lifestyle and mental clarity.

HTP Powder

5 HTP Dosages

HTP tablets come in 100 mg dosage that can be taken as one tablet per day. You can also take 100 mg twice a day. Dosages of lower effect are also available like the 40 to 50 mg tablets which have milder effect on the body. If you take 200 to 300 mg tablets the risks of side effects increases but also it is more effective.

Do not take the tablets on your own. Visit your doctor and get the right prescription of dosages. The side effects of the tablets are very mild which won’t cause any kind of adverse effects. You can try taking the 5 HTP tablets for about a weak, and if your body responds positively you can continue with this supplement.

The 100 mg tablets are less expensive compared to other mood enhancers and supplements. You can get the 100 mg tablets bottle at a very affordable cost at any pharmacy store. Also you can get the bottles online.

Go see your doctor today and get your 5 HTP tablets to have a healthier state of mind.

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