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Apex Veterinarian Tips – Common Reasons For Pet Hair Loss And Treatment Options

As soon as a pet is added to the family, it becomes a part of every one’s life. The entire family adores this loving and devoted companion. Pet owners need to educate themselves on the kind of pet issues and its symptoms because the creatures bear sickness silently, as they are unable to communicate. Let’s discuss about hair loss, a common issue experienced by dogs or cats. It is caused due to various physical, mental, and biological reasons.

Some of the frequent causes of hair loss are listed below:

  1. Flea – associated dermatitis:
  • Bite of a single flea will cause itching all over the body, especially webs between the toes.
  • Broken hair coat, musty odor, presence of pepper like granules that stains a wet paper towel.
  • Medications – Topical flea control, Advantage Frontline or Revolution.
  1. Canine and Feline Alopy (Allergy):
  • Pet’s scratching causes the hair to fall out or break off.
  • Normally, a dog’s skin become itchy, but in cats along with itching respiratory problems are also observed. Develops a musty odor due to yeast and bacteria invasion through broken skin.
  • Medications – Antihistamines is a soothing topical shampoo, and it is also an anti inflammatory topical ointments.
  1. Hot Spots (Pyotraumatic Dermatitis):
  • Found in thick coated long haired breeds of dogs having excessive oily coats.
  • In cats, it occurs (rarely) due to emotional stress.
  • Intense itching, area becomes inflamed, raw and oozy with serum.
  • Medications – Topical astringent or cortisone agent and an injection of anti -inflammatory drug as well.
  1. Demodectic and Sarcoptic Mange:
  • It is a parasite, which lives in hair follicles and multiplies rapidly.
  • It is a genetically based disease.
  • No intense itching, but subject to secondary bacterial infection.
  • The immune system of the pets will resist the growth of demodectic mange lesions, which are small in size
  1. Medications – Mitaban (Amitag) dips or Ivermectin Ringworm

Apex Veterinarian

  • A fungus transmitted by contact or through grooming objects.
  • Cause not much itching. Often in circular or oval shape and located on a leg , ear or the face.
  • Fungus weakens the hair shafts, due to which hair loss happens.
  • Treatments – Fluconazole, itraconazole, grizoficlvin, and topical iodine preparations.
  1. Nervous or Stress/Boredom Induced dermatitis:
  • Common in dogs than cats more.
  • Occurs due to persistent licking of an area in older, obese, or lame pets.
  • Treatments – For dogs-Topical bitters mists, relieving boredom , clomipramine (Anti obsessive/compulsive).For cats – Feliway.
  1. Food allergies are another major cause for hair loss. Placing pet on 60 -90 day hypoallergenic trial diet and feeding no treats will help you to understand the food habits of your pet.

Distracting your pet by giving some activities will also help to stop the itching. Dependable vets in Apex can help you tackle this hair loss problem of pets, but you will need to approach a right clinic for a faster and efficient treatment.

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Robert Wolf works with one of the best vets in Apex, and their offer all types of treatments for problems related to health of your pets. If your pet is facing any kind of hair loss problems, you could consult with them for the right solutions.

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