Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Now in Control of Jonathan Lauter

You may blame the present day families for being dysfunctional or simply call it the misfortune when you see a child recoiling to the corner or becoming super violent even if mildly chided. Children are getting seriously edgy and they have always been so, but these days bi-polar disorders, can be seen quite more in children who have abusive background even in their genes. Eating dysfunction, dependence on drugs or alcohol, ADHD, OCD, and Autism are things that everyone across the world is waking up to these days. Thankfully, pediatric medicine has specialized in child and adolescent psychiatry too and this means there are doctors like Jonathan Lauter who are working incessantly towards the better mental health of the child.

Children are known to be choosy about their food preferences from early age itself and there are few kids who even throw tantrums to get their favorite toy for every meal they eat. But while this kind of behavior can be attributed to the bad parenting and the policies of modern parents who swear by “Spare the rod and spoil the child,” there is something that has to be looked in to the matter even then. There is more to it than just tantrum when a child blows the lid off at very petty issues or does something that would make him to be constantly watched around all time of the day.

To understand if this is ADHD or some other more serious or perhaps even frivolous condition, it is better that parents who spot such signs and symptoms consult the specialist like Jonathan Lauter at his clinic in Manhattan. With over twenty-five years of experience of handling and practicing psychiatry and child and adolescent psychology, he has the patience to read the signs. He has got the experience, the patience, the commonsense, and the knowledge of the patient’s condition and treating them.


He graduated from Andover High School after which he became a Doctor of Medicine from Wayne State School of Medicine. On completing that, he went for Pediatric Residency from Beaumont Children’s Hospital. He treats children and teens who have conditions that are making them sulk away from normal lifestyle and are becoming self-destructive to say the very least.

He is currently holding the position of the Director of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Outpatient Clinic at Elmhurst Hospital, Queens New York and this just proves the families he has helped with his competency. His endeavor to help children come out of bad eating habits and even from Anorexia before they fall prey to the disorder has saved and helped many children and youngsters look at their lives from a new perspective and make healthy choices in life.

Modern day medicine has become a lot easier in detecting and helping the patients get a lot of relief in the process. But for all that, you also would need to consult a specialist like Jonathan Lauter who has that much of knowledge that can help him cure many patients of varying age groups.

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