Dandy 54 by Liquideo

Whether you’re looking for romance, fine dining, history, fashion or culture, Paris has it all. Nicknamed the City of Lights, the French capital has long been renowned as a centre of excellence and a beacon for those who insist on the finer things in life.

In its Dandy range, Parisian manufacturer Liquideo has brought the same attitude to its e-liquids. We can thoroughly recommend every little black bottle in this line. Spock is out of this world and Velvet is as smooth as you might hope given the name, but if you try Dandy 54 by Liquideo (here), you’re in for a unique vaping experience.

E-liquids, also sometimes referred to as e-juice or just juice, are the essence of your vaping experience. An e-cigarette without e-liquid to go into it is just a fancy bit of kit; it’s the heated, vaporised e-liquid that you actually inhale and that gives you the flavour and that unmistakeable nicotine hit (unless, of course, you opt for a nicotine-free liquid).

Dandy 54 by Liquideo

E-cigarettes work by heating the liquid and releasing the vapour when you take a puff. Pressure sensors trigger a switch, which tells the e-cig when to release the vapour. Because it is a vapour that you breathe in, it mirrors the feeling of smoking a regular tobacco cigarette, including that moment when it hits the back of your throat. This can make e-cigarettes ideal for smokers who are looking to cut back or quit. The feeling is much the same, as is the action.One factor that trips up many smokers who are trying to quit by going “cold turkey” or using other forms of nicotine replacement is the habit aspect. With an e-cigarette, you go through very similar motions and are never stuck looking for something to do with your hands.

Premier e-liquids (you can find more here) such as those from Liquideo are generally made from a mixture of vegetable glycerine (VG) and propylene glycol (PG). VG is commonly used in foods and PG is an odourless, flavourless chemical that is often used by pharmaceutical companies in products as diverse as toothpastes, cosmetics and medicines. These two elements form the bulk of the liquid, while expert blenders add flavours and varying strengths of nicotine.

Dandy 54 by Liquideo

Liquideo is one of Europe’s leading e-liquid creators and one that is constantly striving for excellence. All of the products are designed, researched and mixed in the company’s own French laboratory andfitted with machines that match and surpass all current hygiene standards. With a dedicated team of chemists and consultants, they are constantly on the lookout for blends and flavours that either provide the highest-quality traditional vaping experience or offer something new and unique.

Dandy 54 definitely falls into the second category. It’s like a dark, rich and classy tea blend with no milk or sugar. If builder’s tea or standard tobacco is your taste,you might want to look elsewhere, but a lot of people are finding Dandy 54’s seductive lure irresistible. You could even mix it up with lemon or citrus e-liquids.

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