Family Fun at ValueMags

FamilyFun is one of ValueMags’ most ordered magazines. It is a compact print magazine that combines all the fun ways to bring a family together all in one unique place. The magazine is more that just a print copy, it is a guide that a lot of families depend on.

According to ValueMags, since the development of technology and screens at our fingertips, most articles are found online. The positive feature about print magazines is that families can take it anywhere with them. Most families do not have data so when they are out and about looking for a fun activity for them and their kids, they could easily get stumped. With a hard copy magazine, they can find ideas on the spot that are targeted to them and their kids. The Internet will easily overwhelm you with many ideas, often expensive and time consuming.2

FamilyFun magazine is designed and targeted to families that have children between the ages or three and twelves that are looking for exciting activities to do together. FamilyFun is the key to finding creative activities, plans for parties, traveling with the family, learning about each other, and mother and father guidance on how to engage their kids.

Families and children are one of ValueMags’ values. To elaborate, the company is happy to keep offering this magazine because many of the marketing agency’s employees are family members in one way or another. Being a family member is demanding because you are often responsible for more than just yourself. ValueMags is a company that understands that responsibility and is flexible with their employees so they can attend to their family obligations.

As long as their work is done, ValueMags CEO is content with having kids visiting and creating a family oriented environment at ValueMags.

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