How to improve the functioning of the right side of your brain

There are ways to improve the function of the right brain. The left brain is the portion of the brain that focuses its functions on the facts, names and numbers. Conversely, the right brain perceives reality in a more intuitive and comprehensive manner. It is also the creative center of the brain, where it dominates the imagination. Unfortunately, traditional education focuses on the development of thinking skills of the left hemisphere to the detriment of the intuitive skills of law. Fortunately, there are ways to improve the function of the right brain. For more click here 3 Healthy Ways To Improve Brain Function Without Coffee

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  1. Write with your non dominant hand. If you normally write with your right hand, spends 15 minutes a day to write with your left hand. Writing with your left hand strength to the right hemisphere of your brain to play a more active role.
  2. Make a collage art. Collect pictures from magazines and paste them on a heavy paper material to create a pleasing work of art. Creating a collage releases the right brain more effectively than drawing you should not concentrate on that stay within the lines.

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  1. Listen to music without lyrics or instrumental to improve the functioning of the right hemisphere. Close your eyes concentrating on the melody and “visualize” the sounds in your mind.
  2. Create abstract art. Paints abstract shapes and colors on a canvas without censor what you are creating. Let your intuitive right hemisphere guide you in the process instead of your logical left hemisphere.
  3. Acts your feelings with movements and expressions in front of a mirror rather than in words. Take a dance class or performing arts and learn to express yourself through movement.

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  1. Make online brain exercises designed to improve the functions of the right brain. Use sites like
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