How to get rid of your smoking habits?

E-cigarettes have become the new rage these days with both the traditional smokers and non smokers trying their hands at the vapour. Resultantly, the e-cigarette industry has gained quite a bit of traction in the past few years. Some research says that at this pace, the e-cigarettes can completely outsell all the tobacco related products  within a decade or less.

What are the alternatives?

An Electronic cigarette is a handy device that runs on a battery and simulates real smoking experience by vaporizing E-liquid and flavouring, without using any of the harmful chemicals present in the traditional cigarettes. It gives rise to vapour which seems like smoke and offers exactly the same inhalation experience as the traditional smoking. There have been enough evidences to prove that they reduce cravings among smokers and help to control smoking habits.

smoking habits

Is it safe?

There have been ample evidences to believe that e-cigarettes are much safer than the traditional smoking methods with no tobacco being used in the former. The tobacco smoke in case of the orthodox cigarettes is the biggest danger to any smoker. But with e-cigarettes, the tobacco has been completely eliminated, thereby cutting down the threat level to almost zero. Research points out that e-cigarette many be almost 95% less harmful than the traditional cigarettes.

Most E-cigarette make use of the USP-grade PG (Propylene Glycol). This chemical is also used extensively in case of cosmetics, asthma inhalers, and different kinds of food and for creating artificial smoke concerts.

How are they different?

Rather than inhaling the same smoke and flavor time and again with the traditional cigarette, people are turning towards e-cigarettes as they provide many options for different flavors to the users. The same e-cigarette can be used with any number of flavors that are easily available in the market. According to the experts, e-cigarettes are helping in reducing the number of smokers across the world. Another added advantage with e-cigarettes is their extremely low cost after the initial purchase. Since one single device can handle many kinds of flavors, all you need to do is to change the flavors without changing the device, which majorly reduces your smoking expenses. Using e-cigarettes is way easier than traditional smoking. In most cases, you just need to push a button and you are ready to enjoy the vapour.

If you haven’t tried your hands at an e-cigarette till now, don’t deprive yourself of this joy and try it out today!

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