How to Place Birth Certificate Orders from Outside the USA

For those living in US, getting a birth certificate can be as simple as filling up the form and waiting for the vital document to arrive at the address.  But the case may be different if you are a citizen of US and you are settled outside United States currently.This may get be a daunting task and the procedures can get a bit complicated for you. Check if you fit into any of these 3 categories:

  • Living abroad but Born in US
  • Born abroad and your parents are citizens to US
  • Born abroad but adopted by US citizen parents

Living abroad but Born in US

You start the search for your vital records in the state you were born. There is a government website assigned to all the states that explainsall the methods that can be used for ordering the birth certificates. You can order birth certificate online with almost all the state portals. It will be possible for you to navigate through the process online, even if you stay outside the US. In some cases the agencies utilize independent company’s services to have your application form processed. This of course is a good idea as you have access to customer service agents. They can support you with your questions irrespective of what time zone or state you are residing. It may take a little long to have your certificate delivered to your home. If you have an urgent requirement, expeditethe shipping process by paying a charge for speeding up the post.

birth certificate

Born abroad and your parents are citizens to US

The parents need to register their child’s birth with the US Embassy in the country where the child is born. You will receive a “Consular Report of Birth Abroad”. This document is as good as an official birth certificate.  You can also get this by registering the application on a trusted ordering service handling agencies.It may become difficult to the official birth record if you did not register this with the embassy at the time of child’s birth. In such cases it will be wise to contact the hospital to work through the process.

Born abroad but adopted by US citizen parents

In these cases the birth certificate may be attained from where the adoption was registered. For the adoption that was not registered in the U.S. speak with the foreign embassy. They will help you with the copy of your birth records. This situation necessitates a certificate of naturalization to prove U.S. citizenship.

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