Liposuction With Laser Technology

For most people attaining a trimmer body frame is a frustrating experience in spite of having lost a considerable amount of weight through exercise and maintaining a healthy diet. These people still find certain areas of their body that contain pockets of fat deposits and sagging skin that are out of proportion with rest of their body. Fortunately, for such people, liposuction is a convenient cosmetic surgical procedure that eliminates such fat deposits for one or more areas of a patient’s body. Moreover, it is possible to apply this surgical procedure either in specific areas like the space under the patient’s chin or the area that includes the thighs or buttocks.


Sono Bello is a prominent American cosmetic surgery clinic that has reputation of providing innovative, cost-effective and safe laser liposuction treatments to its clients and has set the benchmark for others in this field to follow. The popularity  the customized laser-liposuction treatments of this cosmetic surgery clinic’s that caters to their client’s needs and budget puts this reputed surgical clinic in a separate league when compared to its competitors in this field.

Moreover, this cosmetic clinic has ninety prominent and highly skilled board certified plastic and facial plastic surgeons, each of who is specialist in a specific area of cosmetic and plastic surgery. These proficient and highly skilled surgeons have the required knowledge, training and experience to carry out such complex surgical procedures. These cosmetic surgeons have carried out seventy-five thousand successful body transformation surgeries in thirty-two Sono Bello locations throughout the country until date.

The prominent cosmetic surgeons at Sono Bello emphasize that liposuction is a widespread surgical procedure that slims and restructures specific body parts of the patient by removing the excess fat deposits. When a proficient and experienced surgeon carries out this surgical procedure successfully, it enhances the overall proportions, shape and contours of the patient’s body. However, tradition liposuction does have certain drawbacks in the form of swelling,painful bruising, numbness, limited mobility,bacterial infection, skin damage, skin necrosis and allergic reaction.

In sharp contrast, laser lipolysis or laser liposuction is an advances and innovative form of liposuction removes all of the disadvantages of traditional liposuction surgery. Competent cosmetic surgeons perform two types of laser-liposuction on their patients based on whether the surgeon makes the incision inside or outside the patient’s body. These are:

  • External laser liposuction employs a pen or pad-like laser outside the patient’s body before the surgery starts.
  • In the case of internal laser liposuction, the laser connects to a suction device or the end of a fiber-optic probe, which the surgeon introduces into the area of the patient’s body where he/she needs to remove the fat deposit.

Laser liposuction is a minimum invasive surgical procedure that employs heat from fiber-optic lasers of varying wavelengths to dissolve the body fat instead of a vacuum suction as in traditional liposuction. In addition, laser liposuction stimulates the production of protein collagen, which makes the skin tight and rigid. Moreover, the patients do not suffer from the complications associated with traditional liposuction.

To get more information of the benefits of laser liposuction, contact the surgeons at Sono Bello today!

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