Meet Dr. Calvin Grant, an ophthalmologist who won Oliver prize for ophthalmological research

As we know that children’s talent is evident in their childhood days, here is a story of a man Dr. Calvin Grant who has shown in his childhood days that one day he will become a renowned ophthalmologist serving people with diligence. An ophthalmology doctor treats surgical and medical eye related problems of the patients. Being an eye specialist, he has been doing research to bring updates in the medical fraternity for the betterment of the human being. He has completed his medical education from university of Pennsylvania in 1996 and has been practicing ophthalmology for 20 years. He has completed Ear infirmary and Mass Eye to add more services in his eye surgery. At the age of 21 during his college period, when he was attending the University of Pennsylvania of Medical, he received Oliver prize for his ophthalmological research. It shows that how diligent he was from the beginning and dedicated towards his profession.

Is it economical or social welfare job?

Being a doctor is the most reputable profession in our society because doctors are regarded as the angel sent by the god on the earth to save and cure human beings. However, some people consider that doctors usually do not prioritize the health factors of the human being rather they focus on earning money. Due to their materialistic factors, many doctors have been defamed as the greedy ones. Therefore, we have evaluated the tenure of Dr. Calvin Grant as the eye specialist. What we found is truly encouraging, most of the people reported that they found him a very genial and friendly doctor who first prioritizes the social welfare aspect in his duty thereafter charge very reasonable fee against his services. In case patients lack of some money, he never forces them to deposit exact amount rather perform the treatment to cure his patients.

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Is he certified and affiliated?

Many people at the time of visiting doctors consider authorization and certification because they need to know that particular selected doctor should be well certified following the guidelines of medical authorities. Dr. Calvin Grant is affiliated with Holy Cross Hospital, Palos Community Hospital, Little Company of Mary Hospital, MacNeal Hospital and Advocate Christ Medical Center. These affiliations and certifications of American Board of Ophthalmology ensure that he is well researched and experienced eye specialist. He has been trained extensively to become one of the most reputed and renowned eye specialists in greater Chicago area. He understands how sensitive our eyes are hence we treat his patients with perfection with their eyes related problems.

Dr. Calvin Granthas been working so hard to invent and innovate something new in the field of medicals. He has discovered first sustained treatment and solution for non-ischaemic and ischaemic central retinal vein occlusion problems. He is the first person who introduced robotic radio surgery for the treatment of choroidal melanoma. We cannot deny his extensive contribution in the medical fraternity. He is actively involved in research and treatment activities.

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