Prescription Drug Abuse Hitting Hard All Across the Nation: Not Just an Illinois Issue

Sadly, prescription drug abuse is now actually thought to be the actual worst drug and alcohol abuse issue.  True enough, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention labeled the prescription drug abuse nightmare of the 21st century to be an actual epidemic.  No other drug abuse issue has ever earned that label before!  For example:

  • According to SAMHSA, in 2009 approximately 23.5 million Americans needed treatment for an illicit drug or alcohol abuse problem. Of these, only 11% received treatment at a special facility, indicating people with drug and alcohol issues are not seeking or receiving the treatment they require.  This means that every time the drug problem is addressed, it’s like taking one step forwards and two steps backwards.  Most of these individuals who were struggling were addicted to prescription pills of one kind or another. The drug rehab Chicago Illinois needs to start spreading awareness of the services they provide to help reduce this prescription drug epidemic.
  • There were nearly five million drug-related ER visits in 2009. While half were attributed to adverse reactions to pharmaceuticals taken as prescribed, a strong 45% involved drug abuse. Of the 2.1 million drug-related ER visits:
  • 27.1% involved non-medical use/abuse of pharmaceuticals
  • 21.2% involved illicit drugs
  • 32% involved the use of alcohol (alone or in combination with other drugs)

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What the Food and Drug Administration Can Do to Help Curb the Issue Once and for All

It is now common knowledge that drug and alcohol abuse and addiction is a major issue in and around the city of Schaumburg.  It’s a big problem in other areas too.  To help warn people about this, federal health regulators will add their strongest warning labels to the most widely prescribed painkillers.  This plan is all a part of a multi-pronged government campaign to stem an epidemic of abuse and death tied to drugs like Vicodin and Percocet and other drug like these ones. Another idea would be to have a referral and make the drug rehab Schaumburg does a marketing strategy so that individuals know what risks they have and what they can do to help if ever an individual is seeking recovery for their drug problem.

The Food and Drug Administration announced very recent plans to add a boxed warning, (the most serious type of warning of them all), to all immediate-release opioid painkillers, including some 175 branded and generic drugs to boot.  Those very same medications, (which often combine oxycodone with lower-grade medications of various different kinds), are among the most commonly used drugs in the U.S. and account for 90 percent of all opioid painkillers prescribed to U.S. patients.

Roughly three years ago the FDA added similar warnings to long-acting opioid drugs like OxyContin and other drugs like it, which slowly release their doses over 12 hours or more. Now both immediate and extended-release formulations will highlight the risks of addiction, abuse, overdose and death.  Thankfully, it is hoped that new warnings like these will help prevent more substance abuse in and around Schaumburg, but it is well known that a drug rehabilitation Schaumburg will still have to be applied here to really kill the problem once and for all.

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