Schizophrenia: A brief Understanding

Schizophrenia often confused with the bipolar disorder is a separate mental disorder that hampers a person’s thinking and perceiving ability. The patients suffering from schizophrenia also face considerable problems to think clearly, make decisions and manage different tasks. A person suffering from this mental illness faces numerous challenges to lead a normal life. The first signs of Schizophrenia begin to show since the person is in their teens. However, the situation is not completely gleam for the patients suffering from schizophrenia. There are several reputed medical experts who can earned various accolades in the treatment for schizophrenia. Dr. Jonathan B. Lauter MD is one of the most renowned doctors in the New York who is known for its accurate treatment for the patients detected with schizophrenia.


There are countless people who are not aware of this illness. This unawareness and lack of knowledge among the people makes it difficult to diagnose the patients suffering from schizophrenia. Sometimes the patients themselves are not aware or do not admit the presence of this disease. People suffering from this illness exhibit various symptoms. Some of the most common types of symptoms are sleeping problems, isolating oneself and suspicion. These are initial symptoms while gradually the people begin to experience hallucinations, delusions and disorganized thinking. A comprehensive medical evaluation by experienced medical practitioners can help to learn the actual reason behind it.

Researchers tell that there are various reasons for the causes of schizophrenia. But one of the most prominent reasons for this is genetics. The complex interplay of genetics and environment (malnutrition, pollution) decides the occurrence of schizophrenia. However, in some cases the neurological system of the person is also responsible for this illness. The treatment of this illness is varied as different medical practitioners try different ways. Generally the obvious treatment involves antipsychotic medications, psychotherapy and education.

Dr. Jonathan B. Lauter MD has successfully treated numerous patients and they are leading today a better life. The diagnosis and treatment of these patients decide how these patients will remain. Without proper treatment and diagnosis the condition of these patients can deteriorate. Hence, taking the assistance of proper, experienced and proficient medical experts is necessary. Only their treatment will allow these patients to lead a better life.

Dr. Jonathan B. Lauter MD is one of the most renowned names which ensures that the people who are the victim of this illness a live a better and smooth life. He suggests that with the necessary treatment, proper care, attention and affection will help a schizophrenic patient to recover fast. Though the complete cure of the people suffering from schizophrenia is very rare, a proper treatment can only make them to stay in the main line and lead a comfortable and normal life among their family and friends. People staying in the New York and other adjacent locations can take the assistance of the Dr. Jonathan B. Lauter MD if any of their family member exhibit any of the symptoms of a schizophrenic patient. He will provide the ideal treatment and care to the patient depending on their condition.

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