Strip vs. FUE hair transplantation

Most of the women start shedding their hair because of uncountable reasons as you all are aware of. After losing many hair strands, she certainly feels that her life is over, she thinks that how would she live without those hair, she was born with? And they feel only her existence but they do not feel like they are living. To overcome from all this, they take the help of wig (false hair) to cope up with their lost hair in past few years.


But now a days there are certain techniques introduced by modern science in which you can get your lost hair back just by undergoing a surgery. Hair transplant is a technique in which you can regain your hair very easily and in a faster way.  To provide you with the helping hands, clinicspots is one of the portal where you can get online medical consultation related to your hair. We in our portal help you to deal with hair transplant in Kolkata, as well as the doctors and cost of hair transplant in Mumbai.

Let’s go in detail with the two methods that may be helpful for the treatment of your hair.

  1. Strip Hair Transplant :-


  • FUT – Follicular unit transplant is another name given to strip hair transplant. This is the common method of treating hair loss which includes hair grafts that are extracted and are implanted in the patients’ bald area.
  • This technique is made successful by using various tools such as using blade to cut out a strip from the tissue scalp from front as well as the back side of the head.
  • This strip is then coated and silvered into small pieces which get further divided into groups of hair that grow naturally with the help of a microscope.
  • Doctor then carefully staples the wound, aiming to achieve the smallest possible linear scar.
  • Up to the date now, the biggest disadvantage of strip procedure is, it leaves linear scar behind, but it becomes difficult to predict the width of the scar. Although physicians generally keep it ½ centimetre or less than it.


  • The main advantage of choosing strip hair transplant method is that more hair can be taken in short time span but the procedure may slightly be expensive
  • Most of the individuals are ok with having a scar out of it, but patient should keep one thing in mind that they should keep their hair long enough to hide the strip, since short hair may expose it further
  • Regardless, a strip procedure is worth considering if your goal is to quickly treat hair loss with a large number of grafts in a short span of time.

  1. FUE hair transplant:-


  • FUE is a method of extracting, or “harvesting,” donor hair in a follicular unit hair transplant procedure.
  • In this surgery an instrument is used to make small circular incision in the skin around the follicular unit, separating it from the surrounding tissue.
  • The unit is directly extracted from the scalp and leaves behind small open hole
  • This process is again repeated unless the surgeon is satisfied with the harvested units of follicular unit for the planned restoration
  • This method takes about more than an hour or say 2 consecutive days.
  • Wounds appear 1mm in size; in due course the wound may take 7 – 10 days leaving white scars in the hair on back and the sides of the scalp
  • This method of harvesting donor, removing follicular units one-by-one directly from the scalp, is what differentiates the FUE hair transplant from a traditional strip hair Transplant
  • The donor hair is removed from the scalp in one thin, long strip and then eventually dissected into the individual follicular units using a stereo-microscope.



As discussed above these are the two methods that are widely used in today’s world. This is the procedure that differs in the way the donor hair is extracted from back and sides of the scalp. But the remainder of hair transplant procedure is mostly the same. Moreover, it does not have any kind of implication for the restoration of hair, the procedure will affect the total number of high quality grafts that can be harvested from the donor area and hence the fullness is achieved from the hair transplant.

Advantages to FUE over STRIP:-


Follicular Unit Extraction



Follicular Unit Strip Surgery


Complications are less Complication are high
No large scars are left Leaves scar behind
Can harvest more grafts in future Harvesting of Grafting are limited
Recovery time is short Needs long time for recovery
Minimally Invasive Invasive

Physically fit patients may continue with their normal workout in one week after the procedure. Whereas, the time for the surgery varies from patients to patient.

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