Surrey birth and baby company now offering postnatal and antenatal pilates classes in Farnham and Haslemere

Motherhood is a process which takes a heavy toll on the body of a woman. The period during pregnancy is quite painful and gives significant amount of health issues to the mother. Any woman who is about to become a mother is subjected to various health issues such as back pain, mood swings, problems in digestion and stomach ache.

The problems during antenatal stage are quite common and keeping this aspect in mind many health care companies in Surrey have come up with the idea of providing antenatal and postnatal fitness exercises to women. Mother care has now become one of the most important and recognized issue and Surrey birth and baby company now offering postnatal and antenatal Pilates classes in Farnham and Haslemere have made this thing possible through their sheer dedication and hard work.


The importance of Pilates in improving the fitness of women during or after pregnancy

Lower back pain – one of the most common problems that pregnant women face during pregnancy is pain in their lower back. The Pilates exercise is quite technical and follows steady stretching of body limbs to make the abs muscles stronger which strengthen the lower back to a greater extent.

Abdomen and pelvis– from time to time studies have proved that pilates help in building strengths for muscles and pelvic. The exercise is quite intense and flexible and helps in increasing your feli9vilty to a greater extent. This exercise does not at all put pressure on joints and only strengths the muscles of the body.

The Pilates exercise is proving to be a boon in ensuring antenatal and post natal health of a woman. Health centers around the world are encouraging more and more woman to apply with them and practice the exercise on regular basis to reduce health hazards related to pregnancy.

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