The Cutting-Edge Healthcare Facility That Treats People On Holistic Approach

Healthy existence is one of most vital prerequisites in a human life, devoid of which nothing carries any value. To keep pace with the hectic livelihood, regardless of men or women now suffer from various types of health hazards. Stressful life, unhealthy way of life, food habit and ecological contaminants affects the human wellbeing which leads to hypertension, sleep-disorder, obese, increase of blood sugar level and eventually become deadly on human being, living in this century. Lowell I Gerber MD understands that fact quite well being a responsible senior most specialist in cardiology in Freeport Maine. Being a major practitioner, he strongly believes that other than mediation, what is most demanding is overall change in lifestyle like alteration in dietary, more physical involvement like brisk walk in the morning and undertaking some holistic approach based remedial steps that can help significantly.

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This made the Ex Medical Director, Freeport Cardiology LLC; Dr.Lowell I Gerber MD motivated to launch his most innovative healthcare settings BIOINDIVIDUAL Health Strategies, LLC in Freeport, ME. The distinguished physician specialized in Cardiovascular Diseases is outfitted with certifications and the key areas are Interventional Cardiology, Cardiovascular Tomography and Nuclear Cardiology. Born in Chicago, the popular physician in Maine completed his Internship as well as Residency course from the South Florida University. He underwent his medical schooling with specialty in pathology from STRITCH-School of Medicine in Maywood Illinois.

As per opinion of Dr. Lowell I Gerber MD as people of this century is concerned about their career, economic stability, investment, financial status and pursuing for huge portfolios, they are not much worried about their health issues. Just investing in medical insurance is not enough, while the time has come while people should be caring to stress management, physical health factors by different remedial measures and alternative medicine solutions. At BIOINDIVIDUAL, founded by Dr. Lowell, all treatment procedures are followed on research based ways. After analysis of one’s health complications, the required rehabilitation processes are determined. It also investigates genetic biological factors to find out the kind of treatment which should productive for a patient.

Dr. Lowell I Gerber MD thinks that other than the toxins that a human body consumes out of the ecological disturbances, there are a number of factors like food habits, lifestyle that also affects on a quality life. In his institute all these factors are analyzed by expert doctors together with Dr. Lowell. They also consider the hormone portfolio which helps in finding custom made treatment measures including aerobics, dietary and other do’s and don’ts, following which ensures comprehensive health restoration. Dr. Lowell has vast knowledge to effectively treat and manage solutions for Diabetes, Obese, Medical Nutrition, Family Medicine, Surgery and Aging issues. This learned physician has been associated with a number of healthcare societies that includes American College of Cardiology; American Heart Association American Society of Bariatric Physicians, Age Management Medicine Group; Rotary International of Freeport and Nutrition & Metabolism Society. Some of the medical insurances he accepts are CIGNA Open Access Plus, UHC Options PPO, Great West PPO and more.

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