Top 3 Low Testosterone Myths and the Facts Behind Them

Testosterone is one of the key hormones and has numerous benefits in men. It is essential for the normal sexual functioning, sperm production and also muscle development and tone in men. Low T levels can cause many problems such as fatigue, reduced energy levels, low libido, reduced athletic performance and can also lead to depression in men. Maintaining proper level of testosterone is important for reducing the risks of developing heart problems and diabetes. But, even today, there are a number of myths that are associated with testosterone and are important to know the fact behind them.


  • Myth 1# Testosterone is an Illegal Drug and I can Be Penalised for Using It

Fact – Testosterone is a legal prescription medication and is not illegal when it is used without a physician prescription. But, still many sports organizations have rules regarding its use as it can lead to influencing the performance of the athletes. Other than that, it is perfectly legal to use testosterone supplements.

  • Myth 2# Low T levels in Uncommon

Fact – The truth is that it is more common than one can imagine. More than 40% of people around the world suffer from low testosterone levels. The numbers may be even higher as many people fail to recognize the signs of low testosterone levels and fail to get the right help.

  • Myth 3# Low Testosterone only Affects Sex Life

Fact – Lower sex drive and reduced erectile dysfunction are just two of the possible symptoms of low testosterone. It can lead to many other problems such as increased fat in the body, reduced muscle density, low energy levels, fatique, depression and also heart diseases.


People often ignore the signs of low testosterone levels thinking that it does not affect any other part of their lives and this is where they get it wrong. Maintaining optimum level of testosterone is important to reduce the blood pressure, lower the chances of blood clots, reduce the risks of heart attack and also maintain a proper energy level. You can read about the reviews of the various causes, symptoms and ways in which you can maintain your testosterone levels at www.phenomenews.com.

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