Understanding the Working of Labfinder.com

A medical online lab service has been an Internet-based intermediary that enables various individuals to order and acquire lab test results online. The concept has been one of many recent developments in the changing healthcare concept. It has been promoting greater involvement by patients showing awareness in their health care. Because of usability and cost savings, online lab services have been becoming significantly popular.

What is online lab service?

The online lab service is also referred to as an online laboratory service, laboratory online service, lab online service and private lab. It caters a client relationship with one or more large clinical reference laboratories. It has been known to direct its clients to one of the clinical reference laboratory’s collection sites for drawing blood or other specimen collection, which would depend on what has been ordered.


Setting up of private lab account

Individual clients of the Internet-based service would be required to set up a private lab account initially. After deciding on the desired test, an order would be placed through that private account. A laboratory order form would be then generated revealing the ordered test. The client would then select a conveniently located test specimen collection site through the laboratory online service website. It would present to that site with the order form that has been printed from a computer. Following specimen collection, private lab results have been mostly available within 24 to 72 hours. It could be downloaded and be saved to a computer, imported into personal health record application, printed or left firmly stored in the private lab account.


The accuracy of the test results has been deemed identical to that obtained if a doctor orders testing. Online laboratory services are legal in most parts of the world. However, to locate a nearest lab, you could log on to Labfinder.com.

Empire City Laboratories is now affiliated with LabFinder.com.

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