Usage of GABA

GABA supplements are tranquilizers that do not sedate. They help to calm down without sedating. The dosage for GABA is different for different purposes. For insomnia, 500mg-1000mg is the dose that most users have found effective. It is split into two or three doses per day. For helping with issues related to anxiety, depression, panic attacks and even ADHD, users find taking a dose between 250-650 mg thrice a day to be most effective. Patients suffering from Bipolar have been test dosed on 750 mg daily and it has shown to have some positive effect. Bodybuilders can take from 3gm up to 12 gm daily to ensure their lean muscle structure. GABA supplements also contain other elements like glutamine, passion flower, spirulina and taurine. In order to reach the right dosage for you, it is simpler to use the trial and error method. Starting at the lowest dose, check the effectiveness of GABA on you daily life and any of the symptoms you face. Increase dosage only if you find no change in your well being. Once you are the right dosage then you can continue with it until symptoms are completely cured. It would be a good idea to complement GABA supplements with natural sources of GABA too.

It is recommended GABA be taken on an empty stomach for better absorption. Also make sure that you take it with a full glass of water. GABA is recognized as safe by FDA and up until now there are no reports of it being unsafe. The side effects of GABA are not known at the moment hence it is not recommended during pregnancy or while breast feeding. If you find the symptoms, stop taking the medication and consult your doctor. GABA is considered more of a food supplement than a drug so it is comparatively safer than chemical drugs. As of now, the effects of GABA supplements have not been scientifically proven but users’ reviews and experiences with GABA powder show that they are deriving benefit from taking the supplement.


People, who have been using GABA, see improvements in their conditions and feel better. The scientific backing for this isn’t available at the moment, but it sure is effective for a lot of people. One thing that users of GABA should be taking care of it that, they should not take it with other prescriptions drugs. If your doctor has already prescribed you a drug for your particular situation, please consult your doctor before taking GABA with it. It is known that GABA might interact with certain drugs so it is best to consult your physician before starting a dose of GABA. In certain literature, it has been mentioned that GABA doesn’t cross the blood-brain barrier, or in other terms it does not pass on from the blood in the brain. Hence there are some discussions to the effectiveness of GABA. In any case, the thousands of users who are already using GABA have been seeing positive results from it so there is some way that the GABA supplement is helping in relieving stress, anxiety, depression and setting sleep routines.

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