Human growth hormone is a hormone which is very essential for growth and metabolism in humans. It is produced by the pituitary gland and the secretions are maximum during childhood and adolescents. As a person ages the levels of human growth hormone also reduce in the body.

When a child is deficient in this hormone, he does not grow at the same pace as a normal healthy child would. Hence in such children synthetic growth hormone is given.  These synthetic growth hormones are also administered to sportsmen and athletes off late so as to build muscle mass and shed their extra fat depositions. But in recent times women have also started taking growth hormone for various reasons. Women take HGH to lose weight.

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When natural levels of HGH are not sufficient in one’s body then they take synthetic preparation of the same hormone to achieve their results. One such important use of human growth hormone supplement for women is to achieve weight loss. Human growth hormone levels are highest in the body during teens and youth after which the levels begin to drop gradually. However, the secretions of growth hormone by the pituitary gland are sufficient to maintain and regulate a healthy weight in a young woman. But as a woman ages and crosses forty years, the GHG levels in her body drops.  As she approaches menopause phase, the levels of estrogen and progesterone in her body also drops low which directly affect production of growth hormone by the pituitary gland. With the decrease in estrogen levels, there is a marked decrease in HGH levels also in the body. When the levels of HGH in the body drop it becomes difficult for a person to metabolize the fat deposits in the body.  For losing weight a woman needs to have high levels of HGH in her body.


As a woman ages it becomes very important for her to maintain the adequate levels of human growth hormone for overall health. Taking growth hormone supplements slows down ageing and makes the woman look youthful and much younger than her actual age.  It wards off the symptoms of menopause and reduces the signs and symptoms associated with menopause.  Also an increased level of HGH in the body improves the skin texture of a woman and keeps her face free from wrinkles.  An increase in libido and sex drive is also seen with increased levels of HGH. Sufficient levels of HGH also improve bone density in a woman. It helps in increasing height in woman of short stature. HGH also plays a major role in reducing fat and converting fat deposits into muscle mass thereby assisting in weight loss.

But before you start with any supplement to increase your HGH levels you need to check with your physician you age, health, medical conditions etc. even though HGH provides a number of benefits to women but high doses of it can affect other body functions and organs.

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